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Our Story


Lanolin International Has Been Evolving Since 2004, Striving In Gcc And North Africa With Lanolin Brazilian Hair Care Factory. As A Leader In The Professional Hair Care Industry, Our Products Are Not Only Focused On The Satisfaction Of Consumers But Also Cater To The Professional Demands Of Hairstylists. We Continuously Strive To Create The Most Innovative And Harmless Hair Treatment Formulas And Make Them Accessible For Everyone. With Over A Hundred Researches On Different Hair Specimens, Our Laboratory Team Along With Our Most Experienced Hairstylist Have Taken Into Consideration The Main Factors That Damages Your Hair In The Gcc Countries: Heat, Dust, Chlorine, And Salt In The Water. With Great Dedication Over The Past 10 Years, We Have Created World-Class Brazilian Keratin Formulas And Aftercare Recipes. We Take Pride In Providing Quality Products That Are Safe And Easy To Use